Monday, August 16, 2010

Time keeps on ticking away.

Just got home from heavy rain and traffic. Good thing I slept through it. Today was exhausting but I had so much fun, its PJ's birthday! BF was complete and I was overwhelmed by how smoothly our lunch went earlier. I felt tired from so much happiness. Is that even possible? Jeesh, of course.

It's one thing that we all get to be complete (all 14 of us), but its an entirely another thing when we get along well together. When we saw Inception, all of us were there, but its not just the same with the birthday celebration we had for PJ. :) I know there are still certain things that need to be straightened out but I really appreciated there weren't bad vibes in the air. At least in that span of time.

I was watching the videos we took when I was on the bus and I can't help but laugh to myself. We kept lighting and blowing the candle on PJ's cake. I thought, when we're all a bit older and we get to see that video again, we'll remember that we are once 20 and we were happy.

BF Aug 16 2010

Thank you PJ! ♥