Sunday, December 19, 2010

Its only been a year but so much has changed. Take a look:

Paskuhan 09
(December 2009)
after grad pic
(December 2010 photo by Sugar)

December is a month that I always look forward to: the cold wind, the holiday feast; but most especially its because of Paskuhan. This event never fails to top the list of my most memorable experiences and every Paskuhan is different and unforgettable in its own way. Last year, well let's just say, things got a bit out of control. This year, thought it went out of control too, it was some one heck of crazy night we'll all be laughing about in the future!

Great bands, fireworks, flat tire, a trip to a vulcanizing shop at 2 in the morning, road trip to Marilao, truth or dares, and crazy photos. Good times indeed.

Paskuhan 10
(Paskuhan 2010 photo by Raf)

And I'm happy to say that though this year is ending sooner that my liking, I have lived it to the extent of my abilities. Haha! I wanted every day to count, that's what I told myself when 2010 was just beginning. And looking back, its been great altogether. :)

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