Friday, February 18, 2011

Thoughts in limbo.

So sobrang bilis ng mga araw, feeling ko parang I slept through the whole month of February and woke up only to find out it's already ending. What's ironic is, I hardly had any decent sleep for the past few weeks. I can go on all day complaining about how sick and tired I am doing the thesis and juggling it with other academic shit that requires so much effort but yadda yadda, I know I'm going to miss the stress of college life once I graduate and get sucked in by the inevitable death of me which is employment, office life, work, and all those earthly duties I will soon face in a few months. YAY! Super excited!

WHO AM I KIDDING?! I've had a taste of corporate life (or the lack of if) and man, it was barely three weeks and I was....oh nevermind. There's still a month left until goodbyes and official unemployment.

Latest news: Marko passed the med exam at UST and I am beyond proud. I look up to him in so many ways (and its not just because he's taller than me) and it didn't come as a surprise that he got accepted. He was meant to tread on that path and I envy him for that reason; he's got his life paved out for him at this early time.

We finished our OJT this afternoon and from my list of things to do, defense is the last one standing. And oh, finals on the first week of March but it's just for formality, I think. Haha! Holy molly!!! My heart is tired of suppressing all these feelings.

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