Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 1 - Your Current Relationship

My brother has this quote on his wall that says: Talk is cheap. I realized that I kind of live in that same philosophy if you can refer to it as such. In a world where people exchange words and promises with such ease and sometimes even without a degree of consideration, makes it hard to filter what one should believe, what one should even listen to. That is why I think, I think too much. Too much that thoughts never get past my lips and stays in my head forever instead.

But last year, June 1 to be exact, I wrote this entry in my journal. An excerpt:

I think I am choosy. I am a very visual person and I'm a big fan of beauty and aesthetic. I want a boy who dresses well and keeps a healthy lifestyle. Who takes good care of himself without trying, without making it too obvious. I like tall and lean guys who can sport a white shirt and jeans any given day. He's easy-going, slow with temper, but has authority and control. He is flexible. Knows how to get along with different people but not necessarily a crowd-pleaser. But above all, I want a sweet guy who is honest, like Mr. Rochester, who can speak his thoughts, feelings, and wearies aloud; but also like Mr. Darcy who can be stern, mysterious, and hard to read in times when I want to be puzzled.

Why am I writing this down anyway???

I want a guy who would not only let me be goofy and silly but also join me in when I feel like acting childish. But he knows when to control me and stops me from doing things my judgment impairs to decide otherwise....
I know it might sound all mushy and stuff. I was just being real. Haha! And its funny how I kind of got what I wanted. Perhaps the Law of Attraction really does work. That when you really want something, and you ask, the universe will find its way to provide it. And though I know that it may be too soon to say that things will last the way it is (because nothing does anyway), I am grateful for 'what is' at the moment and one thing I know for sure: all of these are too important for me now not to take care of.

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