Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 10 - First Kiss. First Love. And all that Jazz

I was seventeen when I had my first kiss. I used to go out with this guy named Kirk whom I went in the same high school with. Funny how I refer to him as 'this guy' now when I used to write a lot about him before. I couldn't remember much of what happened then but thanks to my journal entries, I've kept track on how naive and clueless I was when I was younger. I wrote, in verbatim, "that it was something I never expected to happen... It clouded my mind, enveloped me with unexplainable emotions and had me weak in the knees." talk about kabaduyan! Haha!

As for my first love. Well, let's just say it's 'now showing' and we haven't reached the climax yet. And all that leads to it--the anticipation, the drama, the suspense, is just about to unfold. It's hard to say how things are going to progress when you're just in the beginning. It's like when you've just escalated from the starting point of a roller coaster and you're slowly reaching the top but you're not exactly there yet to decide whether you should start feeling scared. But you feel it anyway because you know its going to be a crazy ride!

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  1. talk about the kabaduyan talaga! :)) goodluck on that now showing roller coaster ride. :D