Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 12 - Bullet Your Whole Day

  • 12:26pm I woke up with mom calling me for lunch
  • had lunch with my family
  • watched Prince of Persia
  • read couple of chapters of Dracula
  • dozed off
  • 5pm: woke up and went online
  • took a bath and went to church
  • had dinner
  • watched DC Cupcakes with sister and mom
  • more TV with sister while the rest of the family went to sleep
  • brother came home with a crappy dvd copy of Source Code (but we watched it anyway haha)
  • went to bed but watched this documentary/film Henry Darger: The Realm of The Unreal
  • 20 mins left to its end, I paused, got up and felt a need to write on my journal
  • 3am: I went online
  • 4am: I saw my brother leave for work and I am typing this while waiting for stuff to finish downloading

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