Sunday, May 01, 2011

Day 20 - Importance of Education

I thought about starting this with the idea of what my friend once wrote. He asked, what does someone who wasn't fortunate enough to finish school have against someone who actually did. We are all familiar with people who are rich now yet they didn't go to college or had the chance to finish, and all other success stories but I think its an entirely different debate. People's success in life regardless or whether they have had proper education or not is one thing, having to go through school and soak up all the information like a sponge for knowledge's sake is another. And that's where the importance of education for me comes in.

Early exposure to learning opens the road to curiosity, imagination, and reason the moment we learn how to read. Reading gives us light on how to be a cultured man, a man of great taste; teaches us how to act and live in a society, and if one doesn't want to be dictated by standards, reading all the more points us that we can create our lives based on our own choices.

I can go on about all the other marvelous things we can learn in school. The only thing I dreaded about college was the time wasted studying about those I wasn't remotely interested in but had to because its all part of the system. Imagine if it was used to nurture our interests on topics we are actually into. In the end, I like going to school! I love it! I actually miss it right now, I wish I can go back and you know, meet teachers who can inspire me, who's devoted to passion and creativity.

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