Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 3 - Drugs and Alcohol

The way I see it, alcoholic beverages are enjoyed not by its taste but by the feeling it gives you when the drink starts kicking in. For me its like a roller coaster ride where your head is constantly spinning and your insides are splitting apart. Sounds really nasty but its the thrill that lures us in. I like how I feel all warm and extra flirty when I get a little tipsy ;P But mostly, I enjoy it because of the company. Drugs on the other hand is like a tempting thought I can't keep my mind from thinking. You know what they say "try everything once" and all those tales people say you will experience all the more tempts me in to this idea of yeah, what the hell! Let's get this over with! XD But I dunno, if its there then.... you get the drift.

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