Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 4 - Religion

My views on religion is fairly simple: it is something that we human beings created for our own sanity's sake. We are all driven to give meaning out of our seemingly meaningless existence; it's in our nature, we can't help but question life amongst other things. And while other people believe in existentialism, others believe in gods. Religion, I believe, is some kind of comfort we hold on to, an oasis in the middle of all this chaos which is life. I remember this line from a book called The Tree of Enlightenment, an introduction to the major traditions of Buddism which I never had the chance to finish, that says
people tend to look inward for safety and security in an even more uncertain world. They instinctively look to religion....for stability in the midst of uncertainty
And with that I strongly think that it is a choice. A personal thing between you and whoever god you believe in (for we have so many names for the same thing). And while I don't entirely believe in Christianity, a religion I was given by default, I have decided that it doesn't mean I can't experience it. I mean, its teachings are fairly relevant if you think about it (just like any other religion there is). Suppose it all boils down to this, I am a spiritual person, not a religious one.

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