Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 8 - The Moment You Felt Most Satisfied With Your Life

I don't think I have ever been fully satisfied with myself. At least not to the extent that I will never go past the feeling. The first thing that came to mind was when Hanna and I were able to finish our entry for Psynemalaya, a documentary contest held at our college late last year entitled "Last Leaf". It didn't win anything but to be able to bring it into completion was for me the accomplishment itself; I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I have put so much of myself in that endeavor and it wouldn't be possible without the help of my friends. Sounds cliche but literally, I couldn't have done it without them.

With so much ideas in my head along with so many other distractions, it takes a long while before I actually finish things I leave halfway. And false starts can be exhausting. Memo and I had this brief cyber-conversation about our dreams and how we don't have the means to reach them which is frustrating just is. Let's not poke at old wounds now, shall we. Haha!

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