Monday, May 09, 2011

Day 25 - Someone Who Fascinates Me

photos by Krizia Cruz

The girl on the photo with a half-done tattoo is my college friend Krizia. We never really had the chance to get to know each other well enough but she fascinates me. I got to spend some time with her after classes over boring clerical jobs during our (almost) month-long educational practicum and at times, I bring Shadow (my Nikon F60) along and we talk about photography. Other times, I play tunes on my phone only to find out that she listens to the same bands. We sing along with Passion Pit and Phoenix and talk about our love for Franco and Urbandub. I never really imagined we had so much in common but we do. We fix our make-up before and after a day's work, we go fill up our water bottles during breaks. She's also great at swimming, she plays the drums, and of course, she has a wicked tattoo. Enough said :D


  1. Krizia's really coooool! :) By the way, nabasa niya na kaya ito? :)

  2. If she ever will, I hope she won't mind me posting her pics! HAHA! Peace Krizia!♥

  3. Then let her read about this! HAHA.