Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 27 - Problems

My feet are sore from all the walking I did today. I felt pretty proud of myself with all that workout I achieved going from one place to another but getting lost around Makati can be pretty frustrating lalo na't ang init init! I did my medical exam and got my TIN# at BIR this afternoon. All the while, I thought to myself, ang hassle maging adult! And to think we used to curse being teenagers back then. Haha! Foolishness. Now, you have to be responsible over payments, forms, memberships, and etc. And you can't expect other people to do it for you. Oh, the hassles of getting older! :D I had a major calorie intake when I got home though, now I'm regretting all those pasta I ate to console my aching soles.


  1. Pwede ba kumuha ng TIN kahit di resident ng NCR? What are the requirements pala?

  2. Di ko alam yung first question. Pero if kukuha ka pa lang ng TIN#, just get form 1902 and photocopy of birth certificate and go to BIR. :)