Sunday, June 05, 2011

Trouble Sleeping

I always try to live in the moment. But in a way, the more I consciously do it, the more it feels harder to achieve. For example, when I say to myself 'take each training day at a time' what happens is when I'm at work, I think of sleep and the comforts of my bed. When I'm about to sleep, I think of work and worry about whether I'll be able to make it through tomorrow. Living in the moment isn't exactly easy as it sounds. You try to take as much as you can from what is in front of you at that time but the more you realize the realness of the moment, the more it gets clear that the same moment will be gone as soon as you realize it. I've always been fascinated and frustrated with how time works and how it's also just a concept humans use to contain what seems to be an infinite meaningless existence in a more limited timeframe. But this is just my fear of uncertainty talking so let's ignore this and get on with our lives. 


  1. hay. ironies of life nga naman. ganun ata talaga, pag lumipas, saka mapapansin. dapat ata, we LIVED at the moment. haha. kahit wrong grammar, parang mas tama yun. appreciation is always at the end. boo, labo ko. :))

  2. Appreciation is always at the end!!! Exactly!