Sunday, June 26, 2011

Part of my job description entails managing accounts and a great deal of it needs to be done whilst facing a computer and juggling 3-4 programs while conversing to someone whose details only take form in letters and numbers.

I was able to take real live calls for the first time last night. I was nervous, like I was about to face death, that although the idea seems far from happening, it was going to, eventually. It turned out alright, I guess. It wasn't half as bad as dying, thank goodness. I emerged alive and even thought that I can get use to it.

All of these are new to me obviously, and anything new and unfamiliar can get really frightening. But as it turns out, once you exit the door of your own fears and irrational beliefs, the ones that held you in captivity inside your head, it feels liberating. Good. Nice. Okay. Enough of these sugar-coating what my week has been so far. Because its too early to roll the credits when the rest of this is just about to start.

I leave you guys with this comic strip from this awesome home bred illustrator you can read more from here.