Monday, June 06, 2011

Wish you were here.

This is my good friend, Hanna. She's now in Chicago and I made sure I see her at the airport the night she left. To watch her leave and see her dad and brother say their goodbyes was heartbreaking. I wasn't sad although I know that's what I was supposed to feel. Relief was what I felt mostly, to be quite honest. Relieved that we finally got it over with. I've prepared myself for this moment long before, that bidding her farewell was like the last act we just had to bring ourselves to do.

Marko and I went back to MOA afterwards to meet Ruth and had the same cakes we ate on the night Hanna turned 19 just a few months back. Because the store was closing at 11, we drove back to my house. On our way there, I received a text message from Paul. We decided to go to Tagaytay all of a sudden! It was past midnight and the streets were empty, we were going on 160mph I think? haha with the windows pulled down and Phoenix playing on the background....Who could've have thought the night would turn that way. I didn't, but I'm glad it did. What's missing in the picture was Hanna who I'm sure would come all the way if she was there with us.

P.S. Marko hit a cat for the first time on our way home. Paul was so affected he sulked for the rest of the ride >< haha

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  1. "bidding her farewell was like the last act we just had to bring ourselves to do." - I agree. I felt relieved din. Glad that was over with. LOL.

    Aw. I would have come all the way! And wawa naman yung cat. HUHUHU! Tragic! T.T