Sunday, July 31, 2011

000011 (2)

Its amazing how some peeple are just so good at keeping their feelings to themselves. I'm not a master of that game, but I thought I had the potential for it having been so good at keeping it cool and collected all my life. Boys are exceptionally great at this, I think. Or perhaps its what the society taught them and they learned it the hard way. I sometimes think, is it just because I'm a girl that's why I tend to get overboard with my emotions or its really just part of being human to get hurt by certain things, regardless of whether its petty or not, when you care about it. I don't know anymore. So many points to consider.

The rainy weather plus being at home on my own, left me with no choice but be alone with my thoughts. And what the fuck is wrong with me sometimes? I listen to Radiohead and the thought of working on a Sunday night is enough for me to tear up.

I know there are far worse things than this. But I say this all the time: you can't help but feel what you feel, even if our feelings are also just the results of our thoughts. You can only control them, but it also gets exhausting sometimes. 

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