Thursday, August 11, 2011

I went to UST yesterday to visit Marko. Ang sarap ng feeling to be back there! When I stepped inside the grounds I once knew so well, it felt oddly great, like you are about to meet a good friend after a long while. Simply put, it was comforting.

I was a different person back when my world revolved around college. You could say I liked myself better back then haha or I guess its because I found life so fulfilling when all I had to do was see my friends and learn something new everyday. But with my present circumstances, I've changed. And will continue to, inevitably.

Later that night, we saw a former block mate, Kaye, who goes to Med school with him too. She talked about how stressful and hard it is; how she cries every week. Sitting beside her, I thought, as I watch her speak, I know exactly what you mean. I suddenly realized how many of us are forced to do things we don't exactly like and how much we suffer from them. We're in our 20s, we're technically young, free, and exceptionally able, yet the lives we chose to lead keeps us from really living.

I mean, I don't speak for the entirety of young adults out there. Lucky are those who have found their calling at such an early age. You are immensely envied. I guess, I keep talking about how discontented I am with my present situation that I forget its just how I choose to see things that will result to how my feelings will eventually follow.

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