Thursday, September 01, 2011

I've taken good care over the years not hurt anyone intentionally. If I had, I am sorry and I mean it from the core of my heart. It is not in my nature to cause harm or suffering to anyone. If I have hurt you, I ache just as much. I'll work on being a better person.

Its the first of September and I'm turning 21 in nine days. Time and dates are just man's invention, come to think of it, still, I sometimes feel I haven't been contributing to life and to the world more than I should--given the length of my existence.

It sucks when your rest days fall on weekdays and you can't go out 'cause your friends are busy. When they're not, well, you are. And you suck more than they do because you work on weekends. And I'm awake during hours where normal people sleep, and sleep by the time normal people wake.

So I just stayed in bed all day, alone by myself. My parents are at the hospital for the next two days, my siblings are at work. I listened to music, my color pencils scattered on one side of the bed, my films spread across the other. There's one year worth of memories in those tiny frames and I recalled them one by one against the sun coming from the window until there was no light and day has once again gave way to night. I fell asleep.

If I could blow a candle on my birthday, there's just one thing I would wish for...I wish its October already.

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