Wednesday, September 07, 2011

There is nothing like a well-spent Tuesday night.

Never mind that I had to go through hell to Commonwealth just to meet up with Ruth last night who happens to live at the other side of the city, it was one of my best nights ever. I've never had the chance to pass thru EDSA on a rush hour so I wasn't prepared for what I've been introduced to: mad bus drivers zigzagging to get through the traffic, blowing their horns hard enough it'd blow your ears, and sending off smoke trailing clouds of dirt. Not to mention I rode an ordinary bus and the route was totally unfamiliar. It was exciting to get lost for a while, relishing the rawness of city night life, but then I found myself cursing under my breath for the rest of the ride.

Fast forward to where Ruth and I reached Tomas Morato where we were supposed to get drinks and I'll have myself drunk and happy, we ended up eating at Sicillian, exchanging thoughts in between mouthful of that Cheese Margherita. I fought the urge to cry at one point.

It's a good thing Ruth brought me to this ice cream parlor across the street called ParaDis. We ordered strawberry with red beet, vanilla and milk, and I just had to order chocolate and tomato. Such an exciting gastronomic experience! We had to walk around the city for a bit after we left because we were so full; funny how at one moment, we just stood there facing each other, nowhere to go, talking the whole time. It felt like our own version of Before Sunrise and there's more to it. Past midnight, we rode a taxi to Techno Hub, sat on the steps, and talked some more.

She gave me a paper bag filled with goods from her recent trip to Cebu, a picture of us hugging, and boxes of films. I was beside myself with happiness! I will always remember her as someone who gives well-thought of gifts.

We sure did talk about many things. Paul showed up past 2am and the conversation shifted from work to the hassles of everyday living. Good times. We drove to his village around 4 because Paul still has work to go to unlike me (muahaha) and Ruth and I had drinks at Mini Stop. We never ran out of things to tell to each other! After what seemed like a long time (an hour in reality) we left, my face all red from just one bottle of Tanduay Ice!

This entry is getting way too long as planned. The remaining hours before sunrise were spent on the roof top of Ruth's house which is currently under-renovation. We weren't lucky enough to witness the sunrise though, and I left early to avoid the morning rush. I had many things to ponder on, I thought, as I started my long journey home. But sleep got the better of me.

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  1. Your blog is still alive! I resurrected mine for just one night. :)) Glad to know you enjoyed your tuesday night. :D