Wednesday, October 19, 2011

First day: In bullets

Paige and I got lost half of the time we were in Hong Kong. It was bound to happen at some point. Good thing there were maps located almost everywhere and at the sight of it we scream, MAAAAAP!!! and run towards it. After getting the much needed sleep, we headed out early to see the Big Buddha. We climbed 100 steps to reach it and upon seeing it up close, Paige and I talked a bit about Buddhist philosophy. I remembered her saying that one of its most important ideas is to "Just be."

Things I like in Hong Kong:

-Public transportation: they follow strict schedules, always on time, no pollution!
-Shops! No wonder people have style there!
-Weather: never too hot, never too cold.
-And the city is clean.

On the other hand:

-Locals there have this way of thinking out loud and talking to themselves which I find rather weird.
-Food there needs a lot of getting used to.
-It must be the reason locals smell different/not nice there too. Haha!

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