Monday, October 24, 2011

Powered by Redbull

Tired from all the shopping and sight-seeing we did during the day, I was determined to get a good rest when we reached home. But Paige was determined to party. So she made me drink red bull, I slipped into my red dress, and soon we were in the taxi back to Jaffe Road.

It was not even 10 in the evening when we got there and the bars were just warming up, so we had dinner at this Italian restaurant called Amici where we had this great Margherita pizza with a fantastic Mojito on the side. After dinner, we had more drinks at Swindler's where we danced to the Filipino band that performed RnB (thank god for modern more familiar music) with a bottle of Smirnoff on one hand and the other up in the air.

It turns out that the bartender, Mike, is a Filipino too. He gave us complimentary shots of this coconut and lemon mix called Nothing. We ended up buying 6 more because it was orgasmic. I was buzzed. Next thing I know I was in the dance floor dancing with the band vocalist. And no, we didn't entertain strangers, we came there to dance. And that we did.

When we finished our drinks, we walked (kinda swaying and I remembered we couldn't stop giggling for some unknown reason) back to Spicy Fingers to meet Tita Bong. We hung around a bit. I couldn't dance more even if I wanted to: too tired and tipsy! Sleep won me over soon and I don't remember doing anything else after I got out of my lacey red dress!

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