Friday, November 11, 2011

The problem with being dramatic like it.

Lately, I've been chasing buses and jeeps.

I'm either running for it on the way to work or on the way home. Someone actually shouted, "Uy wag kang tumakbo baka madapa ka!" earlier and just now I realized how funny I must have looked like. People only tell that to kids right??

A med student happened to share my seat in the bus on the way home. I wanted to strike a conversation. Something like those in the movies where they make it look so easy not to sound creepy talking to a stranger out of the blue. Our conversation went well, in my head at least. He got off at the next stop.

He wasn't my type but I wanted to ask him do you have a girlfriend? How do you handle your relationship despite the workload? Because you know, last time I checked, someone dumped me for it. Or at least that's how he made it look like.

And the pathetic thing here is, I still send him messages that were never returned. Who do I blame for wanting to? Does blaming anyone even makes a difference? Useless questions! Like how useless my attempts are at holding back.

I'll just wait until I get over these feelings. Or maybe, since I've been doing running of my own, I could just run from it instead?


  1. aww jeca. :( hug!! Hay, pareho tayong emo. Cheers to that anyway!! Kaya natin 'to!! :)

  2. Don't run! FACE IT GIRL! kaya mo yan! :)

  3. I can imagine you running after a bus o_o LMAO.

  4. Aw Jecaloo! It's okay. Let's meet up soon :) Tell us all about it ;)

    ♥ Erika