Monday, December 19, 2011

Dear Hanna,

This is a long post about Paskuhan. Sabi ni Rebecca Añonuevo, "Bihirang maisulat ang kaligayahan". I have long since proven it. And last night was one of them.

Ruth and I were exchanging text messages days before Paskuhan, planning and updating each other kung sino pupunta and hindi. She was on the brink of giving up kasi ang dami hindi pwede and the chance of getting all together was next to impossible. Todo moral support naman ako kay Ruthee! I was decided to have fun. I have been looking forward to this night ever since December started and nothing will ruin it.

So donning my velvet-y ankle boots (which everyone noticed, to my surprise XD) I went to UST and took the one route I have taken everyday just half a year ago. Whew! Ang bilis ng panahon!

We all agreed to meet at Plaza Calderon at 8pm. I got there a few minutes after 8, Ruthee and Raf were on their way. I almost jumped to my feet in excitement when I saw Paul's face in the sea of unfamiliar faces. We all thought he couldn't make it.

Paul was showing me the pictures he took in Singapore when Raf and Ruthee showed up. I can still remember how pretty Ruthee was with her curly hair and outfit. Not too long, Pau joined us, we took pictures, and suddenly the fireworks began. Like ants drawn to something sweet, everyone gathered to the field; all heads up towards the sky and soon enough we witnessed magic.

We went to buy Fanchu and stood talking to one another at the Plaza Mayor afterwards; like how we used to after classes, kapag masyado pang maaga umuwi at kahit nag bbye na tayo sa isa't-isa we couldn't disperse haha! BF syndrome :D We listened to Sandwich and Rico Blanco from where we stood.

We saw Gem and some of Ruthee's friends. And Boyet too! After some time, we all decided to go to Harbor Square. We took the Lover's Lane to exit at España and buti na lang we stalled and kind of just stood behind Benavides to take pictures of the Main Building kasi Urbandub took the stage! It was a really nice surprise for me! :D We finished their set. We were about leave when we saw Meme! But she was with some friend and we left without her :(

We took a cab to Harbor Square and had drinks at Dencio's and then spent the rest of the night at Starbucks. Mejo na tipsy si Ruthee haha! I can't help but get infected by Pau's bliss when she talks about the guy she fancies at work. And I didn't realize how I missed deep conversations until I talked about life and universe with Raf.

It would be an understatement to say that "I wish you were there". Let's not fool ourselves. It would have been the best night ever though if the ending was us crashing at your apartment without taking our make-up off, just changing whatever cute dress we wore to baggy clothes, and falling to your bed only to wake up looking at the photos we took of the night before, laughing and eating and... You know how we do it :)


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  2. longest post jec :)
    ahem, si jec and raf ung tipsy :))

  3. Ruthee, ano yung comment na dinelete mo? I got curious.xD

    Para walang away, kayong lahat tipsy. :))

  4. Basta ang alam ko di ako tipsy. Si Ruthee madami ininom! HAHA

  5. si jeca and raf ung tipsy. nakatapon pa si jec ng white mocha eh and another thing happened pa, which unfortunately i forgot. hahaha :))
    im not tipsy, im just hmm. overwhelmed with beer that is why i did throw up. hahaha :))

  6. wala un, inedit ko lang ung pi-nost ko na una, kasi mali mali ung type.