Friday, December 30, 2011


This is an entry about a girl I like to call Memo. Thoughts of her suddenly filled my wandering mind when I saw, from the corner of my eye, a car that looks exactly like the one she owns. Which, I must add, she named Nimble. In my head I thought, wow, although she didn't get the car she really wanted (I think), she got a nice one. Hell, I think what she's got is even better than what she originally wanted! But that's beside the point. And I thought, wow, she's even in Australia now as I write. She's been in places I would let myself be enslaved by work just to get there! LOL. A voice in my head spoke, as if mocking me, "she even got a dSLR before you did, wooow!" I dismissed the thought by even more thoughts of her: how she's good a music, arts, and sports (she can be a MAPEH teacher wahaha!); how's she's got this pale skin that doesn't seem penetrable by sunlight; how she's got good looks (and even better looking friends *ahem*) and so on and so forth. Man, you sure are lucky! At least from the outside. But even so...Happy birthday na nga lang! XD


  1. Can I call this a 'wow' post? :)) Belated happy bday memebro! :D

  2. it's time to reconsider!! MAPEH teacher for the win! :)) memebirth