Sunday, February 19, 2012

Browsing through my photos, I noticed how small my social circle is. I take pictures of the people I'm around with most of the time and these people are just a handful. I like it this way but I also realized how smaller this circle gets every day (lol nag-rhyme). Ruth just left for Singapore and though I know it won't be for good, it saddened me still. Let's not state the obvious fact that I lost a part of me when Hanna went to Chicago. Chos. And now, another important person in my life is about to chase her dreams out of the country; April is set to go to Singapore too, soon. 

So many people itching to leave! Makes you want to wish you can travel just by folding the map.

To celebrate her departure, we treated her to a dinner with all four of us complete. We ate at Cyma hoping that a mere taste of Santorini, Greece would take us there; at least our taste buds did. Its amazing how times have changed and we've met different set of friends along the way yet the four of us bond like how we used to back in high school. The thing I like the best with our friendship is we get together so rarely, that months passed without us talking to each other, but by the time we do its as if we just met the other day.

And I'm just my genuine self when I'm with them. It gets exhausting always minding what you say and do around people who don't really know you that it feels so rewarding letting your guards down for a change. With them, when I want to be silly I can be. When I suddenly switched on to my introvert mode I'm not being questioned.

After Eka and Dogz had there fill of laughing at random people from where we sat at Cafe Breton, Paige's boyfriend drove us back to Alabang where we spent the rest of the night at Soderno. We talked of love and boys, that same topic only with a different perspective (I'd like to think we know better now hehe) If I didn't have to go to work later that day (we left the place around 3-ish am I think), I guess it would lead us back to Eka's house for another inevitable sleepover. 

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