Saturday, February 18, 2012

Words Devoid of Meaning

I think that the symbolism of a locked heart and a master key that opens it is a literary genius. Yet in its beauty, comes its downfall. You may have the key and open it, but the person you are looking for may no longer be there. Only an empty space, just like the bottomless pit of awkward silence we both threw ourselves into when we were trying to make a conversation. I can't almost remember how your lips feel against mine. I wonder where do memories go when they are forgotten. How often have I neglected my rational thoughts to the roaring of my heartbeat as it echoes through the walls of my rib cage. A wild deafening thump harmoniously creates chaos inside me when all I ever did was run a hand silently through your hair.  


  1. What if that person you're looking for, is there? Would you be thinking that he's worth 'opening the lock' for?