Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Of Books and Beginnings

I'm silently worried that I have not been reading and writing as much as I used to. Sure, I still write; only to document what happened every single day but it does not have the usual depth, intensity, and meaning. I have not progressed with the two books (Battle Royale and Hunger Games) I've started late last year and won't be finishing anytime soon, I think. I wanted to go to the bookstore today to buy Haruki Murakami's 1Q84 but I can't because I'm saving money for unplanned trips. Lol. Mabuti nang ready. And napakamahal na nang mga libro ngayon! A colleague who owns a Kindle "sales-talked" me to buy one and I'm really, really thinking over about actually buying.

These pictures were taken on the first of February. Ruth and I went to UST to see a photo exhibit, and all the while I was picturing how my own solo exhibit would look like in my head. Hehe. May nakapagsabi sakin dati na gaano man kahaba ang araw, 24 oras lang yan. And at times when work gets exhausting, I just can't help but feel grateful I have survived the day. As in I just sit at the bus on my way home usually around past 10 pm, my head leaning on the window, swirling with thoughts about nothing in particular, oblivious to strangers and the mutual need to reach our beds and sleep.

Next month, I will buy new books and hang out with my parents. 

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