Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tea Time

The upside of being single is having more free time to hang out with your other friends. Haha. Around the beginning of 2012, PJ and I met for an afternoon together. She made we walk to and fro two connecting malls undecided where to stay. Then we walked some more to get to the nearest Serenetea (which was not near!) about three blocks from the mall we just circled twice, and by this time I was kind of pissed. Hehe! But all the walking was worth it when out of the blue, she brought me to this park near the place she used to work at. 

This park is a little piece of nature that sits in the heart of the corporate jungle that is Makati. There are other little parks similar to this one scattered around this part of the city which I love. Lets you breathe out all those work-related stress and relax for a minute; one of the reasons why I like working here in. The rest of the afternoon was spent with PJ and I sitting under a tree sipping our milk teas in between conversations. How she made me laugh at her stories one moment and sigh at the drama she went through the next. How we took pictures and let our hair be blown by the winds...

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  1. How we took pictures and let our hair be blown by the winds...--i guess this is the best part of our date. :)) .. and taking pictures! LOL. :)