Monday, March 12, 2012


Hello Hannee,

It's technically March 12 here. The clock says 12:15 am and I just got home from work to make this at Its says to mix and match my photos for a more dramatic effect. Haha! Have you been drinking Yakult where you are right now? Do they even sell it there? I'm going to visit MV Logos on Tuesday, its that ship that sells loads of books. God what am I saying xD My head aches from the smell of nail polish because my sister is doing her nails not too far from me as I write. What am I trying to say here is that, have a good one today. Happy birthday. It's the drama, Yakult, and books that always remind me of you. :)) Good job at rocking the streets of Chicago with those knee-high boots. Lol! We'll see each other soon. 



  1. hrhrhr. i was about to post something about Hanna na rin! :> Mga utak nga naman ng mahilig magpuyat! :>

  2. It was fun Memo! I bought two books: Psychology textbook and Alice In Wonderland. Haha and I donated so the ship can buy a new generator. They even give out free Psych books for FREE! I didn't get one kasi its too heavy. PJ had 3 textbooks all in all!!