Friday, March 09, 2012

In My Head

I tried looking for adventure last Wednesday. Keyword there is 'tried'. I went to Quiapo for Shadow duties (films, batteries) with the hope of snapping some raw fierceness that the place always have. I left with zero photos, but with tons of sweat and pollution. And I think I went one shade darker.

I wish I could blame it for being too busy fixing my hair or wiping sweat off my face but really, I was too shy. Oh yes. It was like holding Shadow for the first time again--scared and way too self-conscious. I didn't know what to see, I didn't look, I didn't take time to imagine. I came and left only thinking about myself. 

That day I let three picturesque moments go to waste. Three fleeting moments, happened at three different time of the day, of three different strangers. Which I regret not immortalizing into three different photographs so you guys can see. 

(1) Noticeably attractive skinny guy of my age in white shirt and beat-up jersey shorts lost in thought at one side of Quiapo, one hand holding countless strings of hundred helium balloons (2) A mirror reflection of a male make-up artist all dressed-in black with a sleek side cut near the entrance of Glorietta 4, his black ensemble stands out from all the white interiors of the make-up booth (3) A girl who appears to be in her teens standing right in the middle of the asphalt signage that says "Slow Down" in the loading area of Makati Avenue, the back of her yellow sneakers screams "Yes Live".

Although I like the depths and quality I get from Shadow being a SLR that he is, I can't shake the fact that he's too technical, too precise, and too heavy! What about those mere seconds I can only catch by pointing and shooting? Nawala na yung moment di ko pa naaalis yung lens cap. Haha! I spent some measurably amount of time pondering on whether I should get an Eximus now (and how) on my way home. A good story could have been written solely for those images in my head.


  1. Sometimes, you don't have to look for adventure; adventure comes and finds you.

    ... loljk, may masabi lang na something witty. :))

  2. Avail Eximus and get more pictures. :D hrhrhrhr. *impulsive buying mode*

  3. Daryl! :D Parang love lang? Bakit ba lahat nalang kelangang hintayin? Lol (may pinaghuhugutan) xD

    PJ bibili talaga ako....soon. Haha! Have to make ipon for a lot of things! Jusme

  4. bat kailangang love? :( hahaha xD ang pait naman dito hnggg. :>

    ate pj! haha hello~

  5. DARYL! hahaha. nako, love daw sabi ni ate eh. :>

    JEK! how soon is now! :)))))))) *bad influence*