Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lost and Searching

It feels like something's missing in my life. No. Scratch that. It feels like I need to fill some small gap in me to keep me from draining. Parang nabutas na tanke lang. Haha. How am I going to translate it in words. Its like if every inch of me is a continuous line, every part of my anatomy is a circuit where life flows, there is this interval--an interruption; I'm searching for whatever is it that could fill that gap. 

I've been taking long walks home hoping it would clear my head so I'd know what is this thing I've been searching. There's this restlessness inside me I can't calm. I'm looking for adventure although not entirely sure it would silence my unknown desires. I suddenly want to meet new people (not just anybody though), I suddenly need to be somewhere I've never been. All these wants and needs occurring in rapid transition and yet, I haven't done anything about it.

I wish I can pinpoint where all of these originate. Work has rendered me lifeless and has kept me from doing anything else. I may just be tired and I'm ranting because it's my last day of the week and my patience and perseverance has been stretched to its limits. But I know I haven't been honest and if I can't express myself in whatever form I can muster I could die (figuratively of course). And I'm sad because I don't want to go to Toe's concert anymore even though my friend Towi opened this tiny bit of opportunity when he texted me with the idea of getting tickets at the venue. Yeah, Towi, if you're reading this, I'm also replying to your text haha! Baka wala nang next time for us!

I'll get over this.

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