Saturday, May 19, 2012


I've been using film for over a year now and it has taught me a handful of things. Not the technical ones, unfortunately. The principles of photography (i.e. ISO, aperture, etc.) always seem to escape me. I learned, for instance, that in a roll of film there's always this "wasted shot" that ruined what should have been a perfect moment. I learned to accept mistakes and to get over them the fastest way possible.

(Ayala Avenue underpass, March 2012)

I mean, c'mon. No roll is perfect. Like every person in this world, everyone has flaws. If people are trees, there's always this one branch that grows dead leaves. Thankfully, in that same roll of film lies a lucky photo or two, captured in accurate stillness which stirs this inner constructive discontent. I crave to shoot more. And more. And more. For those few magical chances.

(Boat ride back to the shores of Caramoan, May 2012)

With an analog, I learned to wait. Nothing good comes easy and anything easy is never good. I heard that quote somewhere and it applies precisely to film. It starts from the zooming and focusing (Is this worth one frame? Is the background blurred enough? Have I used the correct settings?) to the processing and waiting (I finish 5 rolls before I send them off to Digiprint and they take 3-5 days to be delivered).

(Tricycle ride at Naga, May 2012)

But the most important thing I learned is to never cease to wonder. I bring Shadow only during trips or special events I want to immortalize. During these times, my eyes are hungry for colors, always looking at things in awe, searching for blog-worthy encounters :) Film has taught me to be patient and appreciative. Sana lang, di tuluyang maging obsolete ang film. 


  1. i feel you, fellow vintage film photographer! :( digital cameras make our lives super duper easy, sa sobrang dali, we now tend to 'delete' moments right away. :/ i mean, lesser appreciation.

  2. to die for ang sunset shot! :)

  3. PJ: Analog forevaaa! :)
    Dave: Thanks! Actually we didn't get to see fiery orange sunset dahil ang bilis nag set nung sun, it was dark before we knew it!