Thursday, May 31, 2012

Married to the sea



I have never to many places to say that Caramoan is the best beach in the country. Heck, I've never even been to Palawan which, I'm proud to say, one of the world's new wonders. But one can't help but feel that the words pristine and sublime were invented precisely to describe the place. I won't bother thinking of fancy words to describe the experience, for one should experience it himself to fully understand its grandeur. There were several moments during that trip though that have been tattooed on my mind.


It was almost dark when we left the islands and traveled back to the docks. The entire ride was calm, we were engulfed by silence only the ocean can orchestrate. At one point I felt like I was one with the sea and everything back home are sands I can easily wash away from my memories. Nothing mattered for a brief time. I felt the urge to ask our tour guide who was beside me at the tip of the boat if this--this peace--has worn him out already or if the beauty no longer thrilled him the way newcomers do. Because there are certain things that lose its magic with familiarity. 

The next morning, we almost missed the boat back to Naga and if it wasn't for Paige's sense of alertness and adrenaline rush, we would've missed it and wait another hour or so for the next one. Running towards the boat felt like a scene from Amazing Race! And what are the odds, it turns out na kami lang pala yung hinihintay bago pinaandar yung engine. :) This is the second time I spent the weekend out of town with Paige, and you know what they say: what happened twice will surely happen a third time. 

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