Wednesday, June 27, 2012

That was some weekend

My friend and I were in a cab. It was around 10:45 pm somewhere in Makati, and Adele is singing "Someone Like You". I watched her fiddling with her phone from the corner of my eye. No new messages. I sat there looking out at the car window concluding that waiting for replies is one of the most frustrating things to do. One of the things I have, thankfully, learned to unlearn when I lost my previous phone and contacts. 

My friend and I finally reached B-Side around 11 pm. One does not need to look twice to notice that the place is brimming with youth adorned with countless tattoos and clothes screaming for attention. Inside, an unknown band just finished playing, people were either standing near the stage with a beer bottle in hand or sitting in groups, smoking. Everyone seemed to know each other, or end up getting acquainted at the end of the night. 

Slapshock was about to perform when we entered the pit. They took a while setting up and the emcees were throwing curses and jokes to entertain the crowd. At one point, they gave a free beer coupon to a guy who willingly had his clothes taken off on the stage for everyone to see. Too funny. And truth to be told, I enjoyed watching Slapshock that evening. The rest of the bands who played after them were too loud for my liking. Too much noise, less artistry. But that's just my opinion. 

Our male friend arrived about two songs before Slapshock's set ended. He was not hard to miss. More or less six feet tall, he was a towering figure over an ocean of unnamed faces. We sat outside a gallery for the rest of the night while we let him enjoy his music. 

I dunno how we did it but my friend and I just sat there the entire time talking about society and people-watching, arguing about how guys with dreadlocks wash their hair (they use eggs apparently, according to our male friend), deciding to get matching tattoos someday, and laughing over things I can no longer remember, to be honest! 

It was around past 2 am when we left. We drove to Harbour square to blaze. It's either I expected too much from it or I did not inhale correctly but the effect was just like getting buzzed over three bottles of Tanduay Ice. They dropped me off at my place at 3:17 am, I know because as much as I wanted to document every sensation I felt at the moment, all that I was able to write were those three digits on my phone before I crashed to my bed, head spinning with incoherent thoughts. 

The next day was Sunday. I went to visit another friend in the hospital. All this in the next post, hopefully. Because it deserves a separate one and I have yet to wrap my head around the series of events that day. 

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