Monday, July 30, 2012

Hong Kong October 2011

I think I have forgotten how to tell a story. And my enthusiasm on maintaining this blog alive has taken a detour from constant updates to prolonged hiatus. Sometimes, I don't see why I still need to write here. The reasons are foggy and I'm confused. But I know I can't just stop writing, just as I won't stop taking pictures even though a roll of film has been sitting in my camera unused for two months now.

If life is an ocean then I'm in the middle of it afloat, almost seasick from being rock by quiet waves at low tide. Left, right, left, right. The shifting of the weight the same as the last that one can nearly predict its passing. Left, right, left, right. Dizzy in a monotonous trance, soon I'll be forced to start praying for some kind of typhoon for a sake of a change. 

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