Monday, July 02, 2012


I no longer give much thought on certain things in my life recently, until friends or certain people come pointing these things out. Things I have deemed wise not to take seriously. Things I have decided to fit in the deep crevices of my brain; they are there but they don't need my attention. See, I'm training myself to restrain from too much complaining and comparing. Both are sure fire to frustration. Then enter conversations that ask, So are you over him? Have you met anyone new? Do you still work for that company? Don't do you have plans on leaving? How much do you earn? Ughhh.

I mean, c'mon people! First, does anyone actually give a damn? Second, would you actually listen and by listening would you try to understand? Lastly, is this all that there is in life? Who earns more money, who has better jobs, why you decide to be this, to do that. No one is interested to anyone anymore except their own. Or anything remotely related to them.

I was on the bus this morning thinking, am I over-rationalizing again? Is this cognitive dissonance in action? Am I really just enjoying my current status that I don't intend changing anything (YET, except for my hairstyle). I know there are better things for me than what I have now. But I can dismiss them with my own reasons: subconsciously justified to console unmet expectations or not. To be honest, I was met with a surprisingly grateful attitude towards how June went. If anything, I wouldn't mind having this kind of month all-year long.

What I'm just really sad about is when you relate an experience to another person, only few people take in consideration how you felt; mostly, what goes on in their heads is how they would act if they were on your situation.


  1. Well said Jeca :)
    Totally can relate to this post. And no, I dont need to think on how I would act if I were in your situation, but would most likely be 'waaah! I thought I was the only one.' ;)

    Keep that grateful attitude. It will take you somewhere happy.

  2. Merie! Thank you for your kind words :')