Friday, August 17, 2012


In a parallel universe, I'm an artist, creating pretty things. In reality, I'm still an artist, just mostly in my head, on weekends, when I'm not slowly murdered by routine and other wordly things that we, humans, think is important in keeping us alive. 

Funny how I hear my colleagues' complaints in my words yet we remain still in this quicksand we brought ourselves into in the first place. If I have my own way, I'd like to constantly meet interesting people, dine out with friends or vist galleries/shows, pack a bag for day or two out of the city. You can throw in a short vacation on a different continent too. A girl can dream. 

However, you've got to pay the bills, pay the taxes, help the government, get a health insurance, etc. Should I go on with the boring stuff?

I'm thankful I'd get to go out and half-live my ambitions on certain weekends though. Eka, Paige, and I went to try Chelsea at Serendra one Sunday night.

Fancy entrance
The first thing I noticed about the place was its nice interiors. They make you feel like you're inside a house that belongs to one of your mother's chic friends. The service is nicer, they immediately took care of our needs once we got there. 
High ceiling, nice lights
The girls and I didn't read about the place and the food beforehand so we didn't have a clue on what to order. We decided each will take a pick and surprise the other. 

Oven-Roasted Seafood and Tomato Cream Pesto (495.00)

I think Erika picked the pasta. Which was okay. It was seafood and I'm biased with anything tomato-based so it was a sure win for me. Not the pasta you'd ask for on your dying bed but still, it was okay.

Grilled Double Smoked Bacon and Egg (450.00)
Eggs on a pizza? Now that's a first. It doesn't hurt to try something new especially on food in case the taste fails. The more reason not to try it again next time. This pizza taught me a lesson: there was no next time, and if there is, eat it while its hot: the egg will eventually ruin it.

Hickory Smoked BBQ Baby Back Ribs Big Plates (695.00)
Paige took on the main course which didn't leave a mark on my taste buds. There are foods you get to write about weeks later you've eaten it and you still remember how good it felt in your mouth. There are others, such as this one, you forget the moment you swallow. 

Overall, I wasn't completely happy with the experience. We had desserts at another place so we didn't get to try their pastries. We might want to try them next time.

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  1. If I had my own way, I'd like to do all those things too... and more! I miss you girl!