Sunday, August 26, 2012


One Friday night in July my friends I went to have drinks and dance to some club music at this place called Kyss. Well, I did most of the dancing, if swaying your body counts as such, and we weren't the clubbing type, but you get the idea. We went only because it was an after party of a movie premier Marko has managed to convince some of us into watching. I had work that night and met up with  them afterwards. It was frustrating how I still get the jitters at the mere thought of seeing him again. The kind of nervousness you get while you wait for your turn on an interview: no matter how well you've planned what's going to happen in your head, you will (at one point or another) screw it up. 

The evening turned out to be alright, surprisingly. The shots of tequila helped. I kept wishing Hanna was there to enjoy the music with me. We could've danced all night. Haha! 

Photos by Ruthee
Oh, honesty after the event. When the time is ripe, I will be able to make an entry I will hopefully entitle 'On How I Have Finally Moved On' and some people may actually partake wisdom from me for a change. But at the moment, I'm not fully there yet. But I will, soon. It's been over a year, for Pete's sake! Have I not made good use of the time to get over these feelings?! Chos.


  1. as we tend to grow up, feelings become mature. it just becomes hard for us to remove it in our system all of sudden. it's not on how fast you move on, it's on how you deal with the jitters. miss you. :)

  2. WORD! And its hard to remove the feelings you nurture. I sometimes think I'm only inlove with the thought, not the person.