Saturday, August 18, 2012

Milk Tea

It's always been the case has it? You spend most of your weekdays in routine and relish what you can squeeze in on your weekends. You never seem to have enough time to do everything. I have stopped exercising and stopped reading because nights are getting colder and the warmth of my bed anchors the choices I've made. I find myself brimming with thoughts until my brain fetal position itself to unconsciousness. Too tired to write, to busy to remember. I tell myself, I will think through the important things one day, just give me time. But then again, time, we never seem to have enough of it.

I had the entire Sunday to spare with Erika though. The morning was spent taking pictures of the clothes she had to sell on her online shop. In the afternoon, we drove to Molito for a quick milk tea fix, and finished the night watching Bourne Legacy. Which I did not like. I thought, after the intense motorcycle chase in the streets of Manila, the story has just peaked its climax. Only to discover that minutes after it, the movie ends with the two main characters on a boat, off to god-knows-where. I literally had to say 'what the hell did just happen' as the credits roll! 

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