Friday, August 24, 2012


Flower Garden: Monet would have been so pleased with this

Llama encounter, first time in 21 years!

Sophie channeling Alice in Wonderland 
Have I been fast-forwarded to August without my consent? It seems like it was just yesterday when we brought Sophie to a zoo. Truth is, we went all the way to Tagaytay to visit farm animals in Paradizoo on the 1st of July. Time is playing tricks on me again! Guess the kid who had the most fun touching the animals? Clue: not Sophie. I regress on road trips and walks on someplace new because I wasn't well-traveled as a child. I don't remember having been brought to a zoo by my parents, to be honest. We seldom recall things from our childhood anyway, so I don't trust my memory. But I'm sure there's no picture of me beside a llama to prove otherwise. I saw camels, dozens of fat rabbits, a five-legged cow, an albino carabao, and learned that ostriches have brains the size of a corn kernel! I tell you, the zoo may look like the farm my grandparents have back in the province and I paid a hundred or so for it, but I milked a freaking goat that day! 


  1. Aw. I want to visit this place!

  2. Nako Hannee I'm sure you will enjoy it here! We can spend all day at the garden!