Tuesday, August 28, 2012


What you allow is what you continue. 

My colleagues and I share a few things in common: we are young and we don't particularly love our job. On nights when we get to hang out like real people, we enjoy complaining and we forget we're not supposed to speak of work for it always defeats the purpose of enjoying! But it can't be helped, especially when it has taken most of our waking life. 

I have this Friday Madness thing. Its this thing I have with Fridays where I transform into a robot and the only thing that gets me through the day is the idea that weekend is coming. Every cell in my body is tired, every pore in my skin excretes surrender, every thought in my head is hatred towards work (in general). I always find myself on the verge of giving up during Fridays. 

Follow the light, its says M

Heaven: now more affordable than ever
It usually just takes a well-spent Saturday night or an entire Sunday spent sleeping to wash the blues away. And I'm back to my old self. Only to return to the same sickening loop of slow death brought to you by another week. But worry not, young one. Let us all take a minute of comfort with Jonathan Franzen's words: "....the fundamental fact about all of us is that we’re alive for a while but will die before long. This fact is the real root cause of all our anger and pain and despair. And you can either run from this fact or, by way of love, you can embrace it." 

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