Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Queen's Crystal Garden

Just a whiff of Indian food is enough to turn me into a Pavlovian dog. But isn't it ironic how the salivating aroma of the spices they use in their food translate into a stomach-churning smell on some Indian people. Oh, the wonders of chemical reactions in our bodies! All that said, I still love Indian food. One day, I should visit India and taste authentic curry. For now, Queen's Crystal Garden Restaurant in Jupiter, Makati would suffice. 
Chappati (P30)
Gulab Jamun (P110)
L-R: Cucumber Raita (P120), Madrasi Chicken Curry (P330), Paneer Makhanwala (P299), Vegetable Biryani (P299)
Kulfi - Pistachio (P150)
 Photos from and more of it on Paige's food blog here

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