Thursday, August 30, 2012

Va Bene

Paige took me to brunch one rainy Wednesday. The weather was pretty bad that week. I remember telling her that after we battled through the combination of strong winds plus slightly heavy rain and got our clothes wet, the food better be good! Truth to be told, Va Bene did not disappoint. *Insert something approving in Italian here*

Located at the second floor of a Petron gas station somewhere in Edsa corner Pasay road, this little Italian haven is a like hidden treasure. Don't be fooled by its seemingly dull facade, you ought not to judge a restaurant by its typography (or the complete lack thereof) haha!

The deli that cannot be bothered with their font
It was a good thing we got there so early because soon enough it was packed with people. Photoed above, they serve a complementary bread with tomato and oil dip which is refreshingly addictive. For appetizers, we ordered Polpette (P390.00) which is in itself enough to be a main course (kulang na lang kanin LOL)

The service manger suggested we try the Black Ink Homemade Spaghetti with Seafood Marinara (P390.00). Heaven in my mouth! We also tried Organic Eggs Taglioni with Potobello Mushrooms, White Wine Cream Sauce and Truffle Oil (P380.00). Both are indescribably good and sinful. We had Mango Panacotta (P130.00) because its the only dessert available, sadly. Overall, taste buds and soul satisfied.

With Paige aka travel/food buddy

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