Sunday, August 19, 2012

What Isn't There

Decisions. It take up 1/3 of our thoughts. Just at this very second, I'm deciding whether my statistic is right or wrong. What I do know is, everyday, the moment we open our eyes from our momentary freedom to make choices, we are faced with one of the most important decisions: shall I go living this way today? Think. Decide. Choose: between where you want to be versus where you're supposed to be.

But of course, the answer is complicated and life is too short, so we get up from our beds deciding on whether to have breakfast or not instead. We go on with our lives with butt-load of questions answered.

UP Cine Adarna
I did, however, answer yes to watching "Ang Nawawala" with Ruthee last weekend. What a long well-spent Saturday night! Standing on queue for 3 hours was worth it. Just 3 minutes into the movie, I already had this feeling I was going to love it through the end. I'm a sucker for movies with a good soundtrack. I sat there the entire time wishing I was the one who made it.
"Ang Nawawala"
My loves, Ruthee
The main character, Gibson, stopped talking not because he's mute but he felt like he doesn't have anything important to say. I've stopped writing (publicly, at least) because, I too, felt like what I have to say doesn't even come close to what is important these days. I questioned the reason behind this blog's existence for a time. But ultimately, who cares? I demand my own internet space for no reason! Hahaha! :|

Anyway, I'm really glad that a movie like "Ang Nawawala" was created. I haven't seen any local films that devoted a part of it for local independent musicians. It touched me on a more personal level as well because it was not just about love, and conquering oneself; it was also about family. And we all have family battles we secretly wage.

Hold your saliva
I spent the night at Ruthee's. We were tired but we were happy. The next day, we had brunch at Centris and devoured this Enchilada and Carrot Cake. If the place weren't so crammed with people I would have jumped for joy having tasted it. It's so good you'd happily throw your diet plans on the first bin you see. 

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