Saturday, September 29, 2012

Long Saturday

Meet Pat and Kim, 2/3 of my breakfast buddies. I went to the office around 8 am this morning to have breakfast with them. The plan was to try the breakfast buffet at Something Fishy only to find out that our team manager brought in food he cooked himself (no photo huhu). So we ate our fill and then went to Moonleaf across the street. We talked and laughed while dark clouds lingered outside. It intermittently drizzled throughout the rest of the morning.

I like milk teas and spontaneity. Around noon the 4 of us split up, but I accompanied Kim to buy a cake for her sister's baby shower which I ended up attending. The events that followed were brought about by impulsiveness: I sang  my heart out at the karaoke with a family I just met but instantly felt at home with; we invited Pat over, and the three of us spent a good deal of time sitting on a curbside talking until it started raining again. We were all sleep-deprived but my heart swelled with content for the good food I ate and the great time I had with few of the best people in my life. 

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