Monday, September 03, 2012


The more complicated the name, the better it tastes (except for the regular cheese = WIN!)
I've been dying to blog about our dinner at Nolita one Saturday night. One thing you should know about the place aside from the fact that they serve great pizzas is that the name is short for North of Little Italy. I've read about this pizza place on several blogs before and I urged some of my friends to try it with me. I'll leave the critiques to the food bloggers. If anything, you should try it firsthand to know whether or not it is good. I will make a comeback for sure. 
The gang x polaroid
They didn't have a decent dessert that night though. And Sonja's cupcakes were almost sold out when we went there. In search of anything sweet, we landed on the parking lot and ended up staying there for another hour teaching Jemee how to ride a bike. It was hilarious! I have almost forgotten how great it felt being on a bicycle; having the cool wind touch your face as you accelerate. I was my 7 year-old self again. 
Hi I'm Jeca and I like stripes
Someone learned a new thing that night 
It would have been better if a lot of us made it that night. But its funny how great everything turned out in the end: we had drinks at Mercato afterwards; talked about Winnie the Pooh, other career paths, end of the world; things, and people from college. I've long since learned that expectations only lead to frustrations but I'm a hopeful. Nevertheless, things will come around in due time. As what Mignon McLaughlin told me once, (yeah he kind of did) "For the happiest life, days should be rigorously planned, nights left open to chance." First three photos by Ruthee

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