Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Borough

The Borough was conceived by the same guys behind Nolita, the pizza bistro I raved about on my previous post. This New-York inspired restaurant, on the other hand, serves comfort food from an all-breakfast omelet to dinner steaks and burgers. I just had to try it. 

It was the perfect place for an early birthday dinner with my girls. Sadly, Paige had a family thing to attend to. So Erika and I had to indulge over these guys by ourselves:
Diet was out of question

The food in bullets:

  • Cheese-Injected Portobello Pita Pocket - heaven in my mouth. Its description says "oozing with Monterey Jack" and really does in life! Like a volcano eruption of awesomeness in a plate. 
  • Chocolate Chicken Wings - sweet and spicy and odd in all levels of oddness! In other words, "we were not crazy about it" or "more likely to be taken home untouched for the rest of the night"
  • The Elvis - another appetizer but can be a main course on its own. It's orgasmic but it'll be all too late by the time you realize you can do a much better version at home for a whole lot lesser price!
  • Pasta Primavera - Erika loved this. I'm not surprised why. It's light and its healthy; its oily though (I hope its olive oil) but it fills you up just right. 
  • Overall, a thumbs up. I'd visit again soon. 
We promise to burn the calories later.  Or not

We drove to Burgoo's circle for a cup of Salted Caramel and Manhattan Cheesecake gelato and a Ferrero macaron over at Bar Dolci. PB&J and Mocha Motion cupcakes from Sonja's on top of all that! Sugar high!

We took pictures as usual. Hehe. I'll be turning 22 on the 10th. And I decide to be happy. Great food, good company, and a better perspective towards life ahead. There are so many things to be thankful about if you put your thoughts into it.
Last night's partner-in-crime

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