Saturday, September 01, 2012

Yakimix & Birthdays

Birthdays: I always enjoy them. Some people don't. I'd to think that, to them, birthdays are what Valentines day is to single people; what the fcuk do I need to celebrate it for?! Kidding. 

Anyway, one of my colleagues turned a year older and we had dinner at Yakimix. We waited for almost 2 hours to get a table but luckily, we got a good one just beside the buffet. 

Although the food wasn't mind blowing, its the entirety of the smokeless grill experience that makes it, well, worth the price you pay. Its fun and its something you'd enjoy doing with friends.

I'm turning 22 very soon! I already have thoughts on how I'm going to celebrate it. Plus, there's this thing I really want to buy for myself!!!

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