Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Easy Does It

Naga, 2012
I find bus rides perfect for thinking. Thoughts are not as haunting as those which arrive moments before sleep; not as urgent as the ones in the mornings. On long bus rides, you slow down. You can't force time to get to where you need to be even if your life depends on it. Your career, your ambitions, all that can wait for a short while. Your life actually doesn't revolve around the things you think it does. You are not your work, you are not your money, you are not entirely the hits you've missed. But what do I know about it anyway. What I'm sure of is there's too much distraction these days, must you value what others value? I'd fancy some serious night sky watching. Or I need that bike I've been stalling to buy. I need to process my films--or rather, take pictures again! When did I become so busy with these things? 

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