Thursday, November 08, 2012

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The Last Girls by Lee Smith
"Every true story ends terribly if you follow it far enough,..." Anna said to Harriet moments after she lighted another cigar. She is one of the characters from the novel The Last Girls by Lee Smith which I just finished reading; a book given to me by three of my dearest friends from high school for my 18th birthday. It took me four years to come to my senses and give this book a try. It's almost a shame I have not read it sooner for it has been sitting on the shelf gathering dust all these time. 

It's one of those stories you can easily find yourself molded into, like a warm blanket against your cold skin. I lingered in every chapter hanging on every word until it feels as if each of the character's lives were, in a sense, my own. How timely that I chanced upon this paragraph this morning as I reached the end of the book: 
"I have heard it said that the friends of our youth are the closest friends we will ever have, and I believe this to be true. . . For at no later time are we ever so open, so ready to offer up all that we have and all that we are, to allow others real access into our very souls." 
This is why I love reading. Thoughts you previously have no words to describe with or failed to do so as you try suddenly materialized on a paper written with so much more than you could ever say in your head. Here's another line that marked in me:
"...we drift through the world like dandelion puffs on the wind, we spread our seed and disappear, and the world doesn't care. The world doesn't notice. The world is not about us."
On a positive note, only a day stands between us and the weekend! This morning, I sat next to a guy who smelled of fresh laundry and baby powder. I literally wanted to stick my neck out and inhale him.

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